Specialist Dementia Care

Living or caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging, frustrating and emotionally draining but can also be amazingly fulfilling. Dementia can affect any family member or loved one. Therefore, this will mean a lot of lifestyle choices and new supportive relationships need to be built to help reduce the symptoms of dementia and improve the quality of life for your loved one with properly applied dementia care and support.

Soma Healthcare Dementia Care

Here at Soma healthcare we completely understand all the negative and positive factors that come with supporting someone with dementia care. We can help support you and your loved ones by providing expert carers specially trained in care for dementia sufferers. Soma healthcare’s dementia care specialist understand that each patient is unique and will have the expert training to adapt to there needs making the dementia sufferer feel safe and comfortable

Carer for respite care patient

Dementia Care – What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a singular condition or illness it is in fact a group name for progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and vascular disease that affect the brain. Dementia is the collective general term for these progressive conditions causing a decline in mental ability and clarity which are seriously affecting the persons day to day life. Soma Healthcare recognise that Dementia sufferers across all stages of the condition will struggle with everyday activities which used to be simple before, so it is essential to make sure that they have tailored and expert dementia care meeting there needs and requirements.

What are the Symptoms of Dementia?

There are many subtle things to look out for if you think that a loved one may be suffering from or may have early signs of dementia. Soma healthcare recognise every person is different and so are the effects of dementia on a person. Each dementia sufferer’s situation and condition can be affected by several circumstances such as; an individual’s personality, general health and social situation all affect the impact of dementia on a person.

    Symptons of Dementia Include:
  • Difficulty remembering recent events
  • Hard to follow conversations or programmes
  • Repeating the same stories
  • Anxious, Depressed or angry about forgetfulness
  • Loss of confidence
  • Feeling confused in familiar environments
  • Loss of independence
  • Difficulty talking, reading and writing
  • Loss of social roles and relationships