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Respite care allow children and young people with disabilities to enjoy, achieve and participate in a wide range of activities and their families to have a break from their routine caring responsibilities. Soma healthcare carer agency in London’s respite care service gives the care giver a rest while ensuring that the child or young person is being cared for in a safe and friendly environment. This can help support strengthen your abilities as a care giver.

These opportunities, which support ‘Me Time’ for both disabled children and their families, should be fun, flexible and personalised to meet the individual needs of disabled children and their families and address the government’s Aiming High for Disabled Children Programme.

We support children and young people with various disabilities, including those with moving and handling needs, with very severe, complex and/or challenging needs who may or may not have medical or nursing needs, disabled children on the autistic spectrum with additional impairments and older disabled children.

We have a strong track record with many local Councils, private organisations and individuals.

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