Alzheimer's Home Care

Alzheimer's Home Carers

Most people will already have an idea about how horrible Alzheimer's is. But unless you have experienced it or seen a loved one with Alzheimer's, it can be hard to comprehend the upsetting nature and hardship Alzheimer's can cause for people close to a sufferer.

Alzheimer's is a deteriorating illness that affects brain functioning skills, over-time decreasing the ability to remember, rationalise and perform basic day-to-day activities such as getting dressed or cooking.

It usually starts off gradually with very mild symptoms which worsen until the sufferer is declining at a rapid rate. Going from having a fully functioning loved one, to somebody who will frequently not know who you are is understandably distressing, and whilst it is of course not an Alzheimer's victim’s fault, the care they require can be draining.

Spouses, family members, and friends often care for patients, many in a full-time capacity, which impacts their own health and mental stability. If you care for an Alzheimer's patient or know of somebody who does and is struggling, SOMA is here to help.

Alzheimers Home Care

SOMA’s Alzheimer's Home Care

We provide specialist care for those that need it across London. Our Alzheimer's home care service is carried out by our fully trained and dedicated nurses. They will not only support the patient but also act as respite care to family members or friends working as provisional carers.

In the latter stages, Alzheimer's victims will need full-time care, with their condition likely to deteriorate at any time. Therefore, whilst caring for patients, it is hard to make plans or leave them for a prolonged period, causing a huge strain on your other life commitments. Our home care service allows you the time and peace of mind to enjoy yourself knowing your loved one is in safe hands.

Alzheimer’s Care

SOMA’s healthcare experts know the appropriate methods to ensure a dementia or Alzheimer’s is comfortable and enjoying their life as best they can. They will also help organise your home, including clothing, and bed and bathroom facilities, so that your home care is as easy as possible for when our professionals are not there.

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