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The majority of People around Barnet are already aware of the seriousness of dementia. You may not realise the difficulties and turmoil that dementia may cause for those close to a sufferer unless you have experienced it yourself or witnessed someone you love go through it.

Dementia causes memory issues, loss of reasoning skills, and the inability to do basic everyday tasks like dressing or cooking.

It usually starts slowly, with minor symptoms that gradually worsen until the person's mental condition deteriorates dramatically. It's understandable to be worried when someone goes from being able to tell you who and what they are to regularly not recognising others, and while dementia sufferers are never to blame, the care they require can be draining.

Patients' wives, families, and friends are frequently in charge of their care in Barnet, with many doing this full-time. This may have an adverse effect on their emotional wellbeing. Whether you are caring for a patient with dementia in Barnet or know somebody who is, SOMA is here to help.

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SOMA’s Dementia Home Care Barnet

At Soma Health Care, we give specialised care to people in need all around Barnet. Our highly qualified and trained nurses provide many dementia home care in Barnet. They can provide care at home to a friend or relative who is working as a provisional caregiver across Barnet, in addition to providing support to the patient.

Patients with advanced dementia will require round-the-clock care because their health can decline at any time. Because caring for individuals with dementia puts a lot of strain on your other commitments, it's difficult to make plans or leave them for a long period. Our in-home care service allows you to relax and unwind, knowing that your cherished one is in capable hands.

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As a result, SOMA's dementia professionals in Barnet provide the best possible care for dementia patients, ensuring that they have been pleasant and able to live their best lives. While a professional is in your home, they can assist you in taking care of yourself by organising your washing, bed, and toilet facilities.

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