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SOMA Healthcare, a medium-sized healthcare agency in Essex, was established in 1992. In contrast to other care companies in Essex and surrounding areas, SOMA HEALTHCARE focuses on offering home care, respite care, specialised care services, and lifestyle assistance for people who are disabled or have learning disabilities. As one of the top healthcare agencies in Essex, SOMA Healthcare takes great pleasure in its highly skilled employees and extensive expertise.

We offer specialised care services to those in need and strive to maintain our patients' autonomy and independence in their homes because that is where they feel the safest, most at ease, and have the greatest freedom to live as regularly and independently as possible.

SOMA is a healthcare agency that offers respite, home and assisted living care

SOMA: The Healthcare agency for you

As a Health Care Agency In Essex and home care business in London, we make sure that each of our qualified Essex home caregivers has received training in how to care for elderly individuals, fragile adults, and those with mental health and learning disabilities. Regardless of age, gender, cultural origin, physical or mental restrictions, our home care team is passionate about enhancing the overall health of our clients, assisting them in living life to the fullest and realising their full potential.

Our Services

As a healthcare agency in Essex, we offer a range of services to cater to a variety of requirements for all our patients and their families, such as quality of life, 24-hour live-in, choice and independence, respite care, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, quality of service, personalised support, and emergency and holiday carer service. To learn more about what we do, click here.

Alongside this, we also offer homecare services in Essex, with some including;

the services SOMA provide as a healthcare agency in London

Respite care helps children and young people with disabilities to take part in a variety of activities, enjoy success in them, and do so while their families or primary caregivers take a break from their regular caring responsibilities. The Soma Healthcare agency in Essex provides respite care, allowing the caregiver some time to themselves while also ensuring that the person in need of assistance is being cared for in a warm and friendly environment.

Our healthcare at home service is made to accommodate a person's demands and requirements for daily activities that they would typically find challenging. These home care services cover routine everyday chores like cleaning and dusting as well as the individual's care needs. Whoever we are caring for will receive the greatest healthcare at home service because all of our Essex home caregivers are dependable and well-trained.

We offer carers who provide living aid for those who need the extra help. Practical help and care tasks provided include assistance at school, university, or in the workplace, helping with clothing selection, monitoring diet and eating, light housekeeping and cleaning, picking up prescriptions, assistance with shopping and good preparation, and escorting people on holiday.

Ensuring your loved ones live independently and safely is important, and here at SOMA, we provide a range of services to assist with this, such as assistance with washing, toilet needs, dressing, food prep, skincare needs, and personal hygiene tasks.

The government has developed a number of ways for people to get money that can be used to pay for social and health care. Direct payments are among them, although they are not the only ones.

Your local health and social care trust could provide you with direct payments after conducting a needs analysis and determining that you require additional services under the "health and personal services" Act due to your circumstances. If you're applying for direct payments for the first time, discuss your options with your social worker.

For a healthcare agency in Essex, we serve the following localities:

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So if you would like to know more about our services, or get in touch for more information, then feel free to contact us on 0020 7093 4710 or head to our website.