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Near Kensington, SOMA Healthcare, a medium-sized healthcare facility, was established. Unlike other care organisations in Kensington and the nearby regions, Soma Healthcare specialises in providing home care, respite care, specialised care services, and living assistance for people who are disabled or have cognitive impairments. One of Kensington's top healthcare companies, SOMA Healthcare, is delighted with the range and calibre of its personnel.

Because they feel safest, most secure, and have the greatest freedom to live as regularly and freely as possible at home, we work to preserve our patients' independence and liberty. We offer people in need professional care services.

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We verify that each of our licenced carers has received training in how to assist the elderly, frail seniors, those with mental health difficulties, and people with cognitive impairments as part of our duties as a home care and health service in Kensington. Regardless of their age, sexual orientation, cultural origin, physical restrictions, or mental health issues, our home care staff is dedicated to fostering their growth, improving their overall health, and helping them live life to the fullest.

Our Services in Kensington

We offer a wide range of services as a healthcare agency in Kensington to satisfy the needs of each of our customers and their families. Quality of life, 24/7 live-in care, uniqueness, and choice, Alzheimer's and dementia care, respite care, tailored assistance, emergency, & holiday care services are among these services. To find out more about what we do, visit this website.

We furthermore provide a variety of homecare services in Kensington, including the following:

London Dementia Home Care Soma Homecare

Respite Care Kensington

Children and teenagers with disabilities can gain from respite care by participating in a variety of activities, succeeding at them, and continuing to do so while their families or primary carers take a break from their regular responsibilities. The respite care services offered by the Kensington Soma Healthcare centre ensure that the person in need of assistance is accommodated in a comfortable and welcoming setting while the caretaker gets a break.

Our range of services including respite care, personal home care, healthcare at home, care funding support in Barnet

Healthcare at Home Kensington

Services for healthcare at home are offered to accommodate a person's requirements and preferences for simple chores that they usually find difficult. The person's usual chores, such as housekeeping & sweeping, in addition to their medical needs, are taken care of by these in-home care services. We only work with dependable and competent Kensington in-home carers, ensuring that everyone we work with has access to the best medical care possible.

Support For Living Care Kensington

We offer daily care from carers for people who need more assistance. Among the helpful aid and care services offered are assistance with selecting clothing, diet and nutrition tracking, light housekeeping and cleaning, gathering prescriptions, assistance with shopping and sensible planning, and vacation travel. They also include helping Kensington residents in their homes, workplaces, and educational institutions.

Personal Home Care Kensington

SOMA healthcare offers a number of services to make sure that your loved ones live happily and safely. Numerous tasks, such as washing, clothing, meal preparation, restroom needs, skincare needs, and personal maintenance, can be assisted with.

SOMA is a healthcare agency that offers respite, home and assisted living care

Care Funding Support Kensington

People can now get financial aid from the government in a variety of ways to address their social and medical requirements.

After performing a needs analysis and establishing that you require any additional services under the "health and personal services" Act due to your circumstances, your health and social care trust may grant you direct cash. Before you begin receiving direct payments, talk with your social worker about your options.

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