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A medium-sized healthcare organisation called SOMA Healthcare was founded close to Soho. Soma Healthcare is a specialist in offering home care, respite care, specialty care services and living help for persons who are disabled or have cognitive impairments, in contrast to other care companies in Soho and the surrounding areas. SOMA Healthcare, one of the best healthcare businesses in Soho, is pleased with the variety and calibre of its workforce.

We strive to maintain our patients' independence and liberty since they feel safest, most secure, and have the most freedom to live as regularly and freely as possible at home. We provide qualified care services to those who are in need.

The Healthcare agency for you in Soho

We confirm that each of our licenced carers has received training in how to support the elderly, fragile seniors, those with mental health concerns, and people who have cognitive impairments as part of our obligations as a home care and health service in Soho. No matter their age, sexual orientation, cultural background, physical limitations, or mental health conditions, our home care team is committed to supporting their development, enhancing their general health, and assisting them in living life to the fullest.

Our Services in Soho

Through Soho Healthcare Agency, our customers and their family may access a range of medical treatments. Quality of life, 24/7 live-in care, uniqueness, and choice, as well as Alzheimer's or dementia care, respite care, tailored support, and emergency or holiday care services, are all included in this list of services. Visit this page for additional information about what we do.

We additionally offer a variety of home care services in Soho, including the following:

London Dementia Home Care Soma Homecare

Respite Care Soho

By participating in a range of activities, succeeding at them, and completing so while their families or main carers take a break from their normal obligations, children and teens with disabilities can benefit from respite care. The Soho Soma Healthcare center's respite care services make sure that the person in need of help is housed in a cosy and friendly environment while the carer takes a break.

Our range of services including respite care, personal home care, healthcare at home, care funding support in Barnet

Healthcare at Home Soho

Services for healthcare at home are offered to accommodate a person's requirements and preferences for straightforward chores that they generally find difficult. The person's routine duties, such as housecleaning & sweeping, as well as their medical requirements, are taken care of by these in-home care services. We only work with trustworthy and capable Soho in-home carers, ensuring that everyone we hire has access to the best medical care possible.

Support For Living Care Soho

For individuals who require extra help, we provide daily care from carers. support with clothes selection, diet and nutrition tracking, light housework & cleaning, obtaining medications, support with shopping and wise planning, and holiday travel are just a few of the beneficial aid and care services provided. They also entail providing assistance to Soho locals at their places of employment, homes, and educational institutions.

Personal Home Care Soho

Several services are available from SOMA healthcare to ensure that your loved ones live joyfully and securely. You can get help with a multitude of things, including washing, clothes, meal preparation, bathroom needs, skincare requirements, and personal upkeep.

SOMA is a healthcare agency that offers respite, home and assisted living care

Care Funding Support Soho

People may now choose from a wide range of ways to get financial aid from the government to cover their social and medical requirements.

Your health and social care trust may provide you direct cash after conducting a needs analysis and deciding that you need any additional services under the "health and personal services" Act because of your circumstances. Before you start getting direct payments, discuss your alternatives with your social worker.

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