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Healthcare at Home

We are one of London’s leading healthcare at-home agencies. For patients and their families, our services aim to help support you so that you can live independently from home. We offer our care and company to vulnerable adults, the elderly and people with mental health and learning difficulties. We have specialist carers prepared to look after patients with different care needs.

Our services range from emergency home care to dementia home carers, people with Alzheimer’s or post-hospital recovery, respite care services and Blitz Cleaning. If you’ve been searching for a ‘Healthcare agency in the UK, then Soma Healthcare would like to support you and your needs whatever they may be.  

Home Care Training

How Soma Healthcare Services Support You

All of our carers are trained to provide the best treatment and care for vulnerable people and have medical professionals to help with your unique care needs. If you have been caring for a family member and are looking to find professional support for them, we understand and want to help support you too. Looking after a vulnerable person can be demanding and tiring, so our carers want to ease your stress too and offer you support for your mental and physical health if you’ve been caring for a loved one.  

Dementia - patients with dementia and families with loved ones suffering from it, are dealing with a lot. Dementia can be unkind and upsetting when someone you love loses their memory and slips in and out of themselves, maybe not recognising you or knowing where they are. Dementia can require full-time care which isn’t always available for families already working full or part time. Having a Soma Healthcare Carer will take some weight off your shoulders, knowing your loved ones are receiving the best care they can get and that they’re not lonely.  

Supported Living - Our healthcare agency in the UK can provide you with the support you may need after hospital treatment, if you’re unable to get around, to cook and clean for yourself, our nurses can take care of you. In the comfort of your own home, we can assist you where and when you need us, but help you live as independently as possible. 

Blitz Cleaning service for those who need home care in London

RespiteOur healthcare agency in the UK can deliver respite care to disabled children and adults, encouraging them to participate in activities and giving their families a break, knowing that they’re in a friendly environment. We work with children and young people with varying disabilities and learning difficulties, including moving and handling requirements, severe and complex needs, and those in need of medical and nursing attention, and autistic children. Respite care not only supports the needs of a patient but provides them with entertainment and activities so they can enjoy their time away from their family.  

Blitz Cleaning - If you’ve been in the hospital and you’ll be returning home to a messy house, we can help you with our cleaning assistance. Whenever convenient to you, we can visit and tidy, clean and help organise your home. A healthcare agency in the UK can take some responsibility off your hands when you most need it, and cleaning your home when in recovery or unable to efficiently tidy may be challenging.  

Why Choose Soma Healthcare?

Our London home carers provide an excellent service to meet our needs and value your wishes. We respect your independence, dignity, and rights so we work in partnership with you to improve your quality of life. A healthcare agency in the UK could be a game changer for your physical and mental health. We want to give you peace of mind and support families and individuals with everything required for a happy, independent life.  

Soma Healthcare is also a leader in the provision of healthcare and home care services to people of various ethnic minorities.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for healthcare assistance and advice. We are here to help answer all your questions and offer you the best services across London. Use our contact form to enquire or give us a call on 02070934710 

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