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At Soma Healthcare, we offer our service to families and patients who have a variety of unique needs. Healthcare at home is designed to support you where you need it and encourages our patients to live more independently. It’s our aim to be there when you need us and offer you help with taking care of yourself, your cleaning, cooking and dressing. Whatever we can do to make your life more straightforward and comfortable, we want to help. 

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The Elderly, the Vulnerable, the Recovering

Our team of carers provides healthcare at home to the elderly. If you’re less mobile or if you have a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s who requires attention throughout the day, we can help out. Looking after someone full-time, while also working can be a challenge, so hiring a career will benefit you and the patient.

No need to worry about a family member while you’re away from them as you can rely on our team to be there for them and keep them company. We understand that some people might feel guilty for not giving a loved one their complete attention as they look after themselves and work, so coming to us for healthcare at home service can relieve you of this feeling. 

For vulnerable adults and children with special needs, we offer respite care and healthcare at home for unique needs. We can provide 24/7 care and sitting service for families that require some time for themselves. We will happily watch, entertain and care for our patients to make them happy and comfortable.  

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Healthcare in your home

Our healthcare at home also covers post-hospital recovery. For those who are injured and less mobile, we will help keep your home clean and tidy, and assist you in cleaning and dressing yourself and using the bathroom. We aim to get you back on your feet and independent again, making your recovery smooth and adapting to your injuries easier.  

Why Soma Healthcare?

As a healthcare agency in London, we care for patients in the surrounding counties of London. We offer people lifestyle support and all of our staff are trained and experienced in the support of disabled people, individuals with learning difficulties and specialist care services for the elderly or injured. Our team is friendly, dependable and friendly. We want to encourage you to be and feel as independent as possible. We care for your happiness and will do all we can to implement this back into your life with our care. 

Our services also include blitz cleaning for situations such as returning home from the hospital after some time. We can send someone around to your home to prepare your house for your return or have someone visit regularly to help you keep on top of cleaning your space. If you’re unable to efficiently tidy your home while injured or you have a loved one struggling, give us a call. 

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If you are looking for healthcare at home for yourself, or for a loved one, then contact us today to find a carer that will support you where needed. We’ll be here to answer your questions and listen to your needs.

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