Home Care Jobs London

Home Carer Careers London

At a time when most job markets are difficult, Home Carer jobs in London remains a thriving market. Whether that is through job stability or new job hunting, having a Home Carer job in London is a solid and rewarding career choice.

To some degree, we can put this down to the popular and modern perception of people living longer, but it’s also down to the sheer diversity of home carer duties and roles that are needed across the country, and naturally, the greater London area.

Soma Healthcare London plays a huge part in home care services and home carer job creation across the region. See our vacancies now.

Soma Healthcare’s Home Carer Services

We are a London Home Care agency. We train, employ, and designate home carers to provide a range of home carer duties for elderly, disabled, and vulnerable people in their homes across the whole of London.

For this reason, we are a major employer who has continuous home carer jobs and home carer training opportunities in London, and across all its boroughs.

Home Carer Jobs At Soma Healthcare

We are regularly recruiting for Care Workers and Home Carers in London, whether you’re an experienced carer, or have no experience, but do have the desired qualities we are looking for. Soma Healthcare provides full home carer training so you can carry out your duties to the best standards, and properly look after vulnerable people in their homes.

Furthermore, we offer great flexibility in our roles; full-time, part-time, and temporary positions, with flexible hours that suit you and the people you’ll be caring for. There really is a wealth of job satisfaction and security with the roles we offer. See our vacancies.

Home carers in London

Specialist Home Carer Jobs Training

Being a Home Carer in London means looking after people with a range of specialist caring needs. Here is a list of some of the needs and conditions you could be providing care support for;

- Elderly

- Learning Difficulties

- Disabilities

- Alzheimer’s & Dementia

All of these conditions require specific and specialist care, and Soma can provide full-training and support to ensure you are happy and comfortable in taking on specialist Home Carer jobs in London. To find out more about the specialist care you could provide, see our services.

What Our Home Carers Say

Soma’s London Home Carer workforce is a happy one. We have a number of carers who have worked for us for more than 10 years! This shows an enormous amount of job satisfaction.

Being a home carer is rewarding on a number of levels. Firstly, it’s a role where you can find flexible hours to suit you and your care patients, with good competitive rates of pay. In addition to this, there are always opportunities for progression with additional training and promotion to senior positions.

All our care branches organise lots of fun charity and social events across the year, helping to make a challenging career lots of fun too!

However, the most naturally rewarding part of a Home Carer’s role is seeing how your work makes such a positive difference to someone’s life. From brightening a lonely elderly person’s day each time you make a care visit to their home, to the overwhelming thanks from families who feel indebted by your support and specialist care to their loved ones.

Home Carer jobs are not just jobs, they can be a calling.

Apply for A Home Carer London Job

With local branches across London, Soma is sure to have a Home Carer job that is local and ideal for you. Search and apply now.