How Soma can help stroke survivors

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The wife of Andrew Marr, the Journalist and Sunday morning presenter of BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, has criticized the follow up care at home by the NHS, for stroke victims, upon leaving hospital.

Ms Ashley is quoted to have said ” I’ve been contacted by many, many stroke victims and the general view is that hospital care is excellent, but there is very little support after that”

She advocated the need for ‘carer’s leave’ in the workplace just as we have ‘childcare leave’ which is now commonplace. She described the role of a carer as “exhausting…..monotonous and frustrating”

Her sentiments were echoed by The Stroke Association in admitting that stroke victims were being let down after leaving hospital.

We at Soma Healthcare have identified this need and offer services to assist stroke survivors upon discharge from hospital. Our hospital Discharge support Service can range from minimal help with basic tasks to 24 hour live-in care for a duration that suits the individual. We have worked specifically with stroke survivors and are aware of the particular and unique ways to assist them with their rehabilitation.

We also offer a Carer’s relief service, whereby family members acting as carers can take time off from the exhausting role that is involved in care giving. In situations where a carer might not be granted ‘carer’s leave’ from their employer, we can assist to look after their loved ones in an arrangement that suits all the family.

We have worked very closely with stroke survivors and their families and are acutely aware of the emotional trauma that such an event has on the whole family. Our aim is to try and ease the transitional period of rehabilitation.

Many stroke survivors and their families may be entitled to funding of their social care needs but are unaware of what funding is available or how to access it. We at Soma Helathcare, can help, through our Care Funding Support Service, identify which funding options are available for individuals.

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