Independent living

Independent living during COVID-19 pandemic

At Soma Healthcare, we appreciate the desire elderly and vulnerable people have for keeping their independence as much as possible. But getting help with certain activities could improve quality of life, better mental health, and ensure more longstanding independent living.

Prior to the pandemic, everyday activities that required leaving the house may have been more easily performed, whereas now they are increasingly difficult to accomplish. If you or somebody you know is struggling, please contact Soma Healthcare today. We provide a variety of health care assistance services to make sure you remain safe and are not putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

The world is a tough place for everyone right now. With COVID-19 rates still high and tight restriction remaining in place, it is a hard to maintain regular social contact or fulfil necessary regular day-to-day activities, such as shopping, cleaning and care assistance. This is especially the case for vulnerable people who live alone.

Soma’s COVID-19 services

Soma offer a range of specialist services to help those living independently during these concerning times.

We can assist with activities such as:

  • Shopping – For many elderly and vulnerable people, this is a daunting task currently. Being in an enclosed space for a prolonged period is a clear hazard, no matter the careful procedures supermarkets have implemented. We can do your shopping and bring it directly to you.
  • Pension collection – It is vital for elderly people to be able to access their pension funds. Collection points, for instance banks and post offices, are crowded spaces. Let us take this burden off you with secure pension retrieval.
  • Babysitting – If you are vulnerable but have a child in your care, we can provide respite childcare services, or if you need to go out for work or any other reason.
London Home Care Services and home carers

Soma also perform other domestic services including dusting, vacuuming, ironing and cleaning.

Our dedicated staff are trained and fully compliant with COVID-19 safety regulations whilst in your home and handling your property.

For more information about independent living during this pandemic, please get in touch with Soma Healthcare today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Or fill out the contact form below!

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