MacMillans Coffee Morning

Soma recently partnered up with John Tucker House, Docklands, to host a coffee morning for MacMillan Cancer charity. Some Soma staff put their baking skills to the test and produced lovely cakes and biscuits which were thoroughly enjoyed by the residents and staff of John Tucker House. Other Soma staff members were on hand to make tea, coffee and hot chocolate to go with the cakes.

Soma Carers Macmillan Coffee Morning

It was great to see Soma carers working nearby popping in to sample some of the produce

Everybody had a great time; there was a lot of food eaten, drinks drunk and songs sung and due to everyone’s generosity, we managed to raise £115 for the charity – well-done everyone !!

The general feeling is that one or two of the Soma bakers should really think about entering ‘The Great British Bake Off’ competition……….watch this space……….we will update you as and when they do!

Big thanks go to all the staff that helped organise the event

IMG_0720 IMG_0724 IMG_0785 Macmillan Cakes