Supported Living

Soma’s Supported Living

Our carers want to assist their patients practically and mentally, helping them take care of themselves at home and out of the house. This includes assisting them in the workplace or education, taking part in activities, keeping their home clean and getting their shopping done. Supported living provides people in need of support, with the confidence to be productive, have fun and all while remaining independent. Running errands if you’re injured, vulnerable or disabled can be difficult and stressful, so if you need prescriptions, dry cleaning or shopping assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help. 

Seeking help with our supported living service is never anything to be embarrassed about, as we care for all kinds of people with different levels of needs. Everybody needs support, whether it’s practical or mental and Soma Healthcare wants to make this less daunting and life a little easier.  

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Personal Care

With supported living, we aim to provide personal care to improve your day-to-day life in any way we can. We’ll listen carefully to your needs to deliver you the best and most necessary care. We are proud to be inclusive of all people, ensuring all cultural and social needs are met too. We are one of the leading healthcare agencies and home care services that support various ethnic minorities and employ a diverse workforce. A personal service is special for many reasons but we aim to provide all patients with a friendly, reliable face in every one of our carers. We hope to bring a little light into your lives and make your daily life easier. 

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Choose Soma Healthcare

We are a healthcare agency based in London that delivers care and support to people in the surrounding counties. It’s our aim to provide people with a better quality of life and the confidence and independence to do the things they enjoy. Our team is all experienced and professionally trained to care for people with a wide range of needs. Our supported living services are designed to help disabled people, children and adults with special needs, and the vulnerable dealing with Alzheimer’s. We also assist hospital recovery patients and provide blitz cleaning services to make home life more manageable. It’s important to us that we are not only supporting the patients, but their families too who may need some time to themselves or assistance outside of the house to plan trips or get to appointments.  

Our Range of Services

Along with supported living, we deliver services including, healthcare at home, respite care, commercial support, blitz cleaning, care funding support, and specialist services. Speak to us today about the support you need. We understand that every person’s needs differ, and our patients’ lives are all unique. Our trained staff specialise in caring for all kinds of people and we can find a great match for you.  

Get in Touch

Reach us via our contact forms or give us a call to discuss supported living for you or a loved one. If it’s a loved one you’re seeking help for, we completely understand that some people feel guilt surrounding seeking help outside the family.

You should not feel guilty for asking for help, as caring for someone full time is difficult and a lot of responsibility. We are here to support not only them but you too. Speak to our friendly team today! 

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