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Dementia Home Carers

Most people will already have an idea about how horrible dementia is. You may not be able to comprehend the hardship and upsetting nature dementia can cause for those close to a sufferer unless you have experienced it or witnessed someone you love suffering from it.

Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, loss of ability to rationalize and performing basic daily functions such as getting dressed or preparing meals.

It usually starts off gradually with very mild symptoms which worsen until the sufferer is declining at a rapid rate. When you go from someone who can tell you who they are to someone who often doesn't recognize you, it is understandable to be distressed, and while a person with dementia is not to blame, the care which they require can be exhausting.

Patients' spouses, families, and friends are often responsible for their care, many of whom do so full-time. This can affect their mental and physical health. If you care for a dementia patient or know of somebody who does and is struggling, SOMA is here to help.

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SOMA’s Dementia Home Care

At Soma Health care, we provide specialist care for those in need across London. Our fully trained and dedicated nurses provide many dementia home care services. They will provide respite care to a family member or friend who are working as a provisional caregiver in addition to providing support to the patient.

Dementia patients in the later stages will require full-time care, as their condition is prone to deterioration at any moment. Since caring for patients causes a lot of stress on your other life commitments, it is difficult to make plans or leave them for a long time. Our home care service allows you the time and peace of mind to enjoy yourself knowing your loved one is in safe hands.

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Dementia Care

As a result, SOMA's experts provide dementia patients with the appropriate care so as to ensure they are comfortable and enjoy their life to the fullest. Having a professional in your home will also ease the burden of caring for yourself when they are not there by organizing your laundry, bed and bathroom facilities.

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