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As a home care service provider in Kensington and the surrounding regions, we recognise the need of providing our staff with the greatest training available to them so they can offer competent care in any circumstance. Specialised training on supporting the elderly, mentally ill, and those with learning difficulties has been provided to all of our carers.

For our Kensington home care clients to feel secure and in control of the additional support, our approach must be tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to ensure that, in spite of any physical or mental limitations, you receive the dignified care you need to have a happy life.

Kensington home care-services at SOMA Healthcare

Home Care Services in Kensington

In addition to blitz cleaning, we offer home healthcare, respite care, financial support, and financial assistance for care.

You will be assigned to a Kensington home care provider once we have completed a thorough evaluation. You will receive assistance with your daily duties and receive in-home care services according to your needs.

Personal Home Care In Kensington

Among other things, this includes assistance with getting dressed, going to the toilet, taking medicine, cooking and eating, and navigating the house safely.

Home Care services across Kensington

Home care Assistance in Kensington

This covers help with taking care of oneself, dressing, going to the toilet, taking medicine, cooking and eating, and safely navigating the home.

Household tasks like cleaning, ironing, and vacuuming may be handled by us. Visit our Blitz Cleaning page for more details on our in-home care services available in Kensington. In addition to shopping, we are happy to assist you with pension collecting and prescription fulfilment.

Live-in 24-hour care is provided by Soma Healthcare, which also provides night time awakenings upon request.

Respite Care in Kensington

As part of our in-home care services in Kensington, we also offer respite care. Respite care allows a person with a disability to enjoy and participate in activities when they require intensive care and their family or carers need a break from their regular caregiving responsibilities.

As a result, they are able to complete their intended tasks and yet have time for socialising.

SOMA Healthcare Home care in Kensington

Specialist Kensington Home Care and Healthcare Services

If you or a loved one has experienced an accident, unexpected illness, or post-operative treatment, please get in contact with us to learn how we can assist. We are also able to offer emergency care.

We specialise in delivering this kind of care in Kensington, and our team members are highly skilled in providing health and at-home care for persons with dementia and Alzheimer's.

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In the event that you require home care in Kensington or the surrounding areas, do contact us straight away.

Please contact us at 0207 093 4710 to discuss your requirements.

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