Home Carers Lewisham

If you have a loved one that requires home care support in Lewisham, Soma Healthcare are the local home carer agency you need. Our specialist home carer teams are local to the Lewisham area, and already care for a number of local residents with specialist care requirements.

Soma Healthcare can arrange a complete home care package that is tailored to your loved one’s needs, giving them the professional and dedicated care that they require, and yourselves the peace of mind that they are being well looked after.

Below are the Lewisham home care services we provide.

Specialist & Dementia Carers Lewisham

We can also provide specialist Lewisham home carers for people with conditions such as dementia and alzheimer’s. A number of our home carers are specifically trained and qualified to look after people with such conditions, whether this is on a daily basis, or even on an ad-hoc basis when you can’t manage the care yourselves.

At Soma, we can also provide ‘emergency carers’ who can provide temporary home care your loved one needs at short-notice. Reasons for this could be if regular family member carers are suddenly unavailable due to illness.

In addition to all this, we can provide carers for patients who need to care time to recover after a stay in hospital.

For more information on any of our specialist home carers in Lewisham, contact us.

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Respite Carers Lewisham

Our Lewisham respite care services are a huge asset of our company and bring enormous relief and benefits to our patients and their families. Our respite care provision allows children and young people with disabilities across the Lewisham region to continue receiving home care and participating in fun, stimulating activities, whilst their families and daily carers get a much-needed break from their routine care duties.

By making respite care a part of you and loved ones’ routine, both of you can feel refreshed and stimulated by regular respective breaks and fun activities. Our local respite carers help support and strengthen your abilities as a permanent care provider, helping your find a balance between the pressures and constancy of caring for your loved one, as well as having valuable time for yourself.

Our Lewisham respite carers have experience in supporting children and young people with a range of disabilities and conditions, including those with difficult handling and moving needs, and those on the autism spectrum.

To discuss your requirements with us, and to inquire about respite carers in Lewisham, contact us.

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Home Care Support Lewisham

As well as providing our home carer teams for people across the region, Soma Healthcare can also help you with other care home care support options such as home cleaning, funding for care, and even support for living.

Our Blitz Cleaning service has a fantastic reputation with our patients and their families across Lewisham and the greater London area. From one-off rapid home cleaning visits, to a regular and thorough ‘deep-clean’ appointment suited to you. Our Blitz Cleaning team are specially trained to deal the vulnerable adults and children and will ensure their cleaning approach will not be distressing to your loved ones.

Another valuable thing Soma provides is care funding support and ‘support for living’ advice and guidance services. The financial burden of home care can be difficult to handle and understands, so our team can advise you on what your loved one and yourself may be entitled to in terms of care funding and even personal financial support, and direct you as stress-free as possible.

Our Support For Living provision is also of huge help to our patients and their families. Soma’s Lewisham home carers can assist you and your loved ones with a range of everyday tasks, chores, and duties. Discover how we can offer practical Support For Living for you here.