Respite Care Services

For people who provide near-constant care for a disabled or vulnerable child, although rewarding, it is also an exhausting and unrelenting process. Inevitably, it doesn’t leave much time for the ‘care giver’ to enjoy life outside of their duties, and even appointments can be difficult to make and keep.

For these reasons, respite care is not only an invaluable option, it’s also a godsend. As the name implies, ‘Respite Care’ is planned or emergency temporary care provided to care givers of a child or adult, thus allowing the care giver the benefit of either a much-needed break, or simply meeting another required commitment in their lives.

Our London Respite Care Services

Home care agencies like Soma Healthcare provide respite care London services across the region. Our temporary and qualified home carers are specifically trained and experienced to handle specific care requirements, so whatever care needs your child has, we will ensure that we match you with a home carer that meets ALL these needs perfectly.

Our London respite care provision allows vulnerable children and young people with disabilities to enjoy and take part in fun and beneficial activities and events, whilst their family members or carers get a temporary hiatus from their caring duties and routine.

The Benefits of our Respite Care London Provision

Apart from the immediately obvious benefit of giving a care-giver a rest from their duties, our London respite care services can be an essential part of your care calendar. By regularly scheduling for our respite care options, the results can be;

  • Improved wellbeing for you and the child being cared for
  • Improvement in your own care-giving
  • And much more!

By giving a care-giver a regularly scheduled break from their duties, they immediately get a better work/life balance that often results in them feeling better-equipped and refreshed to carry out their care duties going forward in the future.

Furthermore, the fact that the child also continues receiving the required care, as well as activities that engage them, is an enormous source of well-being and happiness for both parties.

Respite Care Specialisms

Soma Healthcare’s London respite carers are skilled and experienced in dealing with children and young people with a range of disabilities and care requirements. Although every patient and care situation is unique, our respite carers are experienced in managing and caring for;

  • Specialist moving or handling requirements
  • Severe, complex, and challenging conditions
  • Those with/without medical and nursing needs
  • Autistic disabled children
  • Older disabled children
  • And many more specific requirements.

Our London respite carers have long and strong working relationships with existing families, individuals, and local councils, that we certainly have the pedigree to handle your respite care requirements.

If you are interested in our respite care London services, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a branch local to you.