CQC impressed with Soma Healthcare services

Congratulations to all staff on the positive CQC inspection report gained at the new Wembley Office.

Special congratulations go to the staff in Wembley who have worked tirelessly since the branch opened

This is the first time we have been measured against the stricter monitoring requirements bought in by the CQC and have worked very hard to show and evidence the high standard of care we provide.

Also with the Wembley office being our newest venture, the “best practice’ adopted from other branches and the support and encouragement was given to the Wembley branch has resulted in us achieving the green light (Good Rating) on every single criterion judged upon.

Happy green traffic light.

Comments in the report include:

We saw that medicines were well managed and staff had received appropriate training as part of their induction.

People were supported by regular staff who understood their care needs. This made them feel safe and reassured. They knew who to expect on each visit and the staff group was stable so people received consistent care from staff who knew them well.

People praised the caring attitude of the staff. People told us the care workers were “very good…they would do anything for me”. Our conversations with staff confirmed they had a caring and compassionate manner.

The registered manager was committed to providing flexible care, which was responsive to people’s changing needs. There was good communication with health and social care professionals.

Staff knew when to report concerns and changes to people’s health and well-being, which was also a topic covered in team meetings. People were confident staff would support them to contact health professionals, if needed.

Staff told us they had the right skills to deliver safe and good quality care. This was because they were supported by an induction and training programme, which was supplemented by supervision and team meetings.